A blog about a die hard Harry Potter fan’s journey to getting pregnant and starting a family.

As a storyteller, I will be honest about my experiences to have our first child and wont leave out feelings and thoughts even if some might find them depressing. Remember although this blog is public, my husband and I plan on keeping it anonymous. Feel free to leave comments or ask any questions you might have. I will answer them to the best of our ability.

So here is my journey of how a regular every day Muggle will one day become the Mum of their very own little witch or wizard. MJ and I are in our late 20s and work full-time professionally. We were married in 2016 and have known each other for years. We are starting this summer TTC our first child and are beyond excited! We have two cats that live with us. We are currently house hunting, so you might see some of that pop up on the blog occasionally. Thank you and enjoy!