Through the Trapdoor

It has been a while since I posted but I have been feeling defeated over the last two months. It is the start of cycle 4 aka Month 4 of trying to concieve and it has been heartbreaking. Two chemical pregnancies has been our experience so far with several days of frustrated tears each month.

I promised myself I would stay strong and am determined to believe this will be our month. We are ready to start our lives as a family and the positive signs I am seeing this month give me hope that my gut feeling is right.

Signs so far:

Potential due date: Between July 31st to August 4th 2018 (HP’s Birthday which will be the theme for our nursery)

Psychic Reading that states she sees a baby in my arms next Summer (Dont believe that much in psychics but the sign is there)

Calmer attitude and more peaceful (Stress from work is gone and we are more laid back about TTC, leading to better chances)

MJ’s excitement is reaching new levels (MJ isnt an emotional person normally but he is showing excitement and more willing to talk about baby things. This is a total shocker to me)

Good Positive Feelings

With all these signs, I am on CD5 of month 4 and hoping for news of a BFP at the end of November. I am setting myself up for something but if we don’t open the trapdoor, we can never jump through it to find out if we were right. Wish us luck!

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