An Excess of Phlgem

A nasty odd bizarre title but appropriate for this short post. It is CD 13 for me and 1 day post ovulation. We are now in the two week wait window of our first official month trying. My expected test date is September 8th unless I give in and test sooner. We are hoping for a BFP on this cycle because we believe our luck and life will be taking a turn for the better with the changing of the seasons.

With Autumn around the corner and the summer ending, we are ready for a change and hoping for good changes to come out way. We have had a hard and difficult year but remain hopeful that our luck will change. Positivity is something that comes naturally to MJ and a trait I am still working on despite this last difficult challenging year. I will eventually be ready to talk about it but for now, let’s say I have been tested emotionally, mentally, & physically this last year and been found resilient.

MJ & I are ready to be parents. We just have to see if our excess of phlegm lead us to finally starting the journey to become them.


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