Will & Won’t

It’s officially month number one trying to concieve our first little witch or wizard. I’m on CD6 and waiting for ovulation day. MJ doesn’t know what to do with all the prep I’m doing and tracking of OPKs. He finds it hilarious my BBT is erratic and all over the place. Plus I’m taking supplements that will help lessen the likelihood of miscarriage. I’m doing everything possible including a prayer or two for this to be our month because we have a very long journey ahead of us of wills and won’ts.

I WILL become pregnant one day with a baby of our own.

I WILL be strong and remain strong despite the odds stacked against me.

I WILL stay positive no matter what is thrown my way.

I WILL do my best to stay healthy and continue to lose weight in the coming montha.

I WON’T let BFNs bring me down, no matter how many I get.

I WON’T allow fear to rule me during trying to concieve and pregnancy.

I WON’T let other peoples’ pregnancies destroy me.

I WON’T let anyone take away my own happiness.

Probably more wills and won’ts to come.

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