The Beginning

This is my first post and will be relatively short compared to most. As I stated, I am a big Harry Potter fan and you will probably see quite a few references to it over the months and throughout the posts. So without further adieu, let’s get started.

MJ and I wish we could declare our journey will be 100% perfectly normal. Alas, that is not our story. I set up our preconception with a MFM (Maternal Fetal Medicine) specialist after my doctor destroyed any dreams we had of a midwife low key future pregnancy. She stated that due to my ‘interesting’ and ‘reactive’ medical history I am TOO High Risk for a regular OBGYN or midwife.

What does it mean to be High Risk? According to the internet and and a visit with my doctor, High Risk means you or your baby have an increased chance of a health problem during pregnancy. Such factors that increase risk are age (35+), medical conditions before pregnancy (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.), medical conditions that occur during pregnancy (preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, etc.), and pregnancy related issues (premature labor, multiples, etc.).  So my regular doctor handles a lot of typical High Risk pregnancies like these listed above but not so much mine.

To briefly explain and still keep things private, I have a history of blood clots, asthma, and am allergic to several foods and medications. This odd assortment and combination of risks are what clarifies me as TOO HIGH RISK. So instead of a brief meeting with my intended OBGYN, I now get to meet and interview a new one in hopes of liking them and assemble a TEAM of doctors to worm with me during my pregnancy. What do I mean by TEAM?

Try 3-4 doctors that have to handle the pregnancy of one person. Wonder if it will turn to 4-5 when I mention the twinning history in MJ’s and my families. This should be interesting and will keep you guys updated when we have the preconception counseling session in two weeks. Hope this helps anyone going through similiar situations.



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