The Flaw in the Plan

It’s been a while. So much has happened this month that I don’t know where to begin. So I will start with the one event that led to all of the other events occuring. Now time for a deep breath. I got my BFP! Last Monday, I took a pregnancy test and saw a faint… Continue reading The Flaw in the Plan

Talons & Tea Leaves

An odd title for this post but very appropriate for the topics discussed in the next few paragraphs. After deciding the MFM specialist wasn’t for us, we tried something on the other end of the spectrum. I found a practice that has a midwife, OBGYN, and a MFM specialist all in the same building. It… Continue reading Talons & Tea Leaves

The Hearing

Well this post is LONG overdue. I will be summing up everything in three posts, with three different themes for each post. None of them will be very long except maybe the last two. To bring anyone new up to speed, I am a guaranteed High Risk pregnancy and had to see an MFM (Maternal… Continue reading The Hearing